Prevent „TddZ“ on the 1th of June 2019 in Chemnitz!

At all levels, whatever it takes!

The „Tag der Deutschen Zukunft“ (engl.: Day of the German Future) is currently one of the largest fascist marches in Germany, which takes place every year in a different city. In 2009 the so-called TddZ took place in Pinneberg, organized by free comradeships. In 2016 the TddZ took place for the first time in Dortmund and climaxed with around 1000 participants. Later it was beared by the enviroment of the small fascist party „Die Rechte“, which arosed out of the militant comeradeship „Nationaler Widerstand Dortmund“ (NWDO) (engl.: National Resistance Dortmund).

After various successful antifascist interventions – like blockades, direct actions and obstruction of the arrival of fascists – the number of participants has continuously decreased in the last years. In 2019 the „TddZ“ is going to take place in Chemnitz to counteract this tendency and to be able to march with many followers.

In Chemnitz the fascists do not only expect weak resistance from society but also support of the saxon police, which already protected the fascist march on 1st of May from the party „Der dritte Weg“ with the best means.

We as [veto] are calling all available anti-fascists to determined resistance against the fascist invasion. Let us prevent the march of bourgeois and militant neo-fascists together and bring „Tag der Deutschen Zukunft“ to hell!

Don‘t let the fascists have the streets!